About Balios

Balios Capital
is a privately-held real estate development and investment firm based in Manhattan Beach, California. Founded by Thomas Shin, the firm concentrates on the development of high-end residential properties and the acquisition and management of investment properties in the commercial and retail sectors.

Our Approach

Balios Capital evaluates every development opportunity through a comprehensive due diligence process that always begins with the target property and a detailed examination of potential uses. We incorporate quantitative and qualitative analysis of demographic and economic trends, supply and demand forecasts, and the anticipated pipeline of competitive projects to assess market conditions and a project’s feasibility. Coupled with our own financial valuation of the development, we will determine the highest and best use of the land to maximize potential and minimize risk.

Balios Capital uses a development and investment approach driven by the strength of our analytics, acquisitions capabilities, and extensive managerial experience.

Once a development has been targeted, Balios Capital utilizes its acquisition expertise and extensive network of real estate brokers who have the market knowledge, sourcing ability, and the local presence required to execute transactions efficiently. Our residential development experience provides an in-depth understanding of entitlements, financing, and construction management. Working with architects, contractors, and consultants, our management approach is to focus on every detail and bring the highest level of performance across all phases of the development. As developers, we are constantly building this local network of talented professionals and nurturing long-term relationships.

As investors, our close attention to micro and macro-level information at Balios Capital allows us to identify supply/demand imbalances to secure quality investment properties on favorable terms. Once acquired, we take a hands-on approach to add value to our assets. Through repositioning, restructuring, and intensive management, we maximize income and capital appreciation across our long-term holds. Balios Capital has successfully applied this investment strategy across various economic conditions and market cycles.